Foghorn Leghorn and American Idol

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Does anyone remember Foghorn Leghorn? I do and he was my favorite cartoon rooster..wait..he may have been the ONLY cartoon rooster!? I loved everything about him, especially that southern drawl when he would pick up Henry the chicken hawk and say "Boy, I say BOY!... YOU are a CHICKEN HAWK!". He had a delightful way of hitting on Miss Prissy...the hen. So in my search for the perfect rooster for my soon to be chicken herd (I know thats not the technical term!) Im going to get a big ole leghorn and name him Foghorn in honor of the cartoon I loved as a kid :) Im getting 6 little ladies for him to woo-although I havent decided what kind yet. I'll let ya'll know! I plan to clean up the chicken house this week-end if the weather is warm enough. A fresh coat of paint and a sign that reads "Welcome to the Coop" and we'll be in business! Pics will follow.
One more thing before I go fix dinner. AMERICAN IDOL. I watch every season and this year my favorites are Casey and Crystal..feel free to comment ;)